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15 Premium Tableware and Cutlery for your Festive Table

December 10, 2020
15 Premium Tableware and Cutlery for your Festive Table

Despite the fact that this year there will not be as many guests sitting at the festive table as usual we have the opportunity to provide ourselves with a luxurious festive dinner from royal festive dishes.

It may seem that the cutlery should be purely functional, but good dishes are distinguished from the usual by their design message, that enlivens the whole table setting.

In any case, a tasteful set of dishes is the best ally of your future parties. And most likely, you will find that your holiday roast from real porcelain tastes completely different.

We would like to present you our selection of premium dishes and cutlery that you can buy from us now.

Serving set JARDIN D'EDEN

Silver-plated salad serving fork and spoon in the Jardin D’Eden pattern with a box. The intricate verdant pattern by Marcel Wanders Studio is characterized by interlacing vines, plants and flowers and named after the most famous garden in history.


Furstenberg Aureole Clair De Lune Soup Plate

Love for porcelain and a passion for real craftsmanship are what allow 

Fürstenberg porcelain masters to create magnificent products. Porcelain Ceramic H 4 cm x W 23 cm x D 23 cm in black, gold and white coloursю


The silhouette of the Dom Pérignon pitcher—clean, sophisticated and sleek—is a striking vessel from which to pour yourself a refreshing beverage. Capacity: 44 oz – 1,3 L

Water glass VEGA purple

Pure and modern lines make the Baccarat Vega Water glasses a must for every occasion, adorning dinner tables in a mix and match of brilliant colors.


Rectangular dish VENISE

Venice's magnificent architecture and brocade textiles inform this stunning Bernardaud pattern. Ornate designs rendered in gleaming 24K gold lend lavish detail to fine porcelain. 20x16 cm


FOLLETTO Childrens mug

For fine silver, Christofle relies on manufacturing that is entirely done by hand according to traditional techniques.




Dimension - 14 cm. "The dark side collection" is a collaboration between Baccarat and Phillip Starck, and each glass in this limited collection is signed by him.


Candy Box BLANC pink

The Blanc series is absolutely perfect for displaying sweets in specialized shops, but also for private use, for example, during snacks or parties. These refined containers can contain all kinds of sweets such as macarons, cupcakes or candies, giving an elegant and magic touch to the environment.


Plate GITTE black

The perfect set for classic dining decor. Item is food safe, hand wash only.


Kettle Diamond S

Porcelain ceramic Kettle Volume - 900ml, height - 16.5cm, weight - 430gr.


DECO dessert bowl

Mini mouth-blown coloured glass bowls with stainless steel interior coating. Practical for everyday use, elegant for joyful events, these bowls will fit any mood. Any dessert or berries will look glamorous in these mini colourful glass dishes. Available in amber, purple, navy blue and clear glass tones. Create a set of the same colour dessert bowls, or mix and match for more fun and colourful table setting!

MALMAISON Cream Pitcher

This Malmaison Silver Plated Cream Pitcher, with its ebony wood handle and palmette bordures, adds refinement and elegance to any beverage service.



Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ALBI

Silver-plated salt and pepper shakers in the bestselling Albi pattern. As an ode to French elegance, Albi is a classic design inspired by the nave of the famous Cathedral in Albi, France. The clean and straight lines amplify the masterpiece of the southern French art style.


Bottle stoppers TIP-TOP

The Tip Top gift set is the indispensable accessory for all wine enthusiasts. A pair of crystal stoppers as a gift with your favourite wine.



The stunning Missouri mustard jar showcases Baccarat’s rigor of form and beautiful craftsmanship with tableware pieces.

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