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In style - stay at home

December 16, 2020
In style - stay at home

DesignScan.eu in cooperation with the "DEKO" magazine and interior designer Laura Liberte tried to draw up a new, topical lifestyle direction in home furnishing habits.

Improving and supplementing your living environment during these times is an alternative to travel. It is an investment that has a much greater added value than ever before because how we feel at home largely determines our well-being and quality of life as a whole.



1. TREND - doing nothing or Niksen


Niksen translated from Dutch - relaxed way of doing nothing. Niksen is a way to get rid of burnout and become creative in the long run.

This idea is in perfect harmony with what is happening in the world today - as we spend more time at home, we are forced to slow down and move away from the current daily anxiety that has come with the productivity cult. Consequently, the trend in the current environment is to make room for doing nothing, to practice this niksen concept. Comfortable reading corners for reading. Large table where you can enjoy leisurely meals together with your family. These are the values that have returned to the agenda and focus of many.


2. TREND The new norm - work at home


"Although this trend is common in the freelance society, the last year has also proved to large companies that an employee working from home can be even more productive both in the short term and, most importantly, in the long run.

This new trend in housing is that casual office details are being replaced by private offices with full-fledged office space. More attention is paid to good lighting, practical storage furniture, as well as sound insulation, a truly comfortable office chair, and an office not only as a workplace but also a visually pleasing environment, because the room is also exhibited in video conferences. "



Laura Liberte comments on shopping on the DesignScan.eu platform


“Of course, online shopping has become relevant during Niksen. However, furniture is something that we always go to touch with the client. It can take many days and long hours in different showrooms, and this process, as I have noticed, also has a side effect - it is tiring. Therefore, this new service, which allows you to see the entire showroom stock in one place, is, in my opinion, a wonderful opportunity for me as a designer and my clients to choose their real things in a pleasant, unhurried atmosphere.

I also appreciate the possibility to return the furniture, if, looking at it and placing it in the interior, something still does not feel right. In addition, almost all the models available here can be quickly and easily integrated into interior 3D visualizations, which makes it easier for me as a designer to work and save time."


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