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Dining table - the central point of every home during the holiday season

December 28, 2020
Dining table - the central point of every home during the holiday season

Whether you are having a festive lunch for your family or you just need a table to celebrate the arrival of 2021 at, or maybe your dining room is now being used as an office or a classroom, the dining table has now become the focal point of every home. Fortunately for us - DesignScan has a variety of stylish, elegant, and unique dining tables suitable for all situations and occasions. Starting with Molteni & C Filigree folding table, Natisa Srl Bridge, B & b Italia s.p.a. Tobi-Ishi, Ligne Roset Wool ceramic and walnut dining tables, and finally with the Mint light living round wooden dining table made in Latvia. Whatever your style and needs are, we have something that will truly make each of your meals comfortable and a little more enjoyable.


Extendable table FILIGREE from Molteni & C


Design by RODOLFO DORDONI. Filigree is a range of fixed size and extension tables. Glossy and matt diecast aluminium frames underpin tops enhanced by a wide range of finishes. The technology used in the discreet Filigree main element allows an extendable table with an invisible lateral telescopic system.


Dining table Bridge from Natisa Srl


Dining table Bridge. Surface Gray spruce. Legs: painted grey metal. Sizes: Length 200 cm; Width 100 cm; Height 76 cm.

Tobi-Ishi dining table from B&b Italia s.p.a.


The name refers to the ornamental stones in Japanese gardens, which have inspired the components of Tobi-Ishi. It converges both functional features and a statuesque appearance with amazing results. The overhanging top and bases look different depending on the viewpoint, while the various finishes endow the table with highly personal interpretations: from cement to marble and lacquer in the sophisticated hues of red candy and blue smoke. Originally round in shape, it is now presented in a larger version with a rectangular top tapered at the ends, the range of finishes is also expanded with 16 satin lacquered finishes, for both the round and the new rectangular version, joining the two glossy lacquered finishes Candy Red and Smoke Blue and the original cement finish.

Dining table VILNA ceramic from Ligne Roset


Design by PAGNON & PELHAÎTRE, brand Ligne Roset. A table of extremely pared-down lines comprising a top which is linked to the base by a large section frame with a plate to which the legs are attached. The top, which overhangs by around 12 cm, renders the structure barely visible. The designers present Vilna as an innovative table, a design object, with its overhanging top and sharp-looking metal base.

Round table dark brown from Mint light living


Scandinavian moderateness is also reflected in the combinations of colors and materials, as they are not competing, but serve as a background for the other interior elements - paintings, carpets, and crockery. This item is available in 9 color variations combined with 3 different types of wood. All MINT Furniture products are also available in pure wooden finish.


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