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6 Interior Decoration Tips for Furnishing a New Home

February 22, 2021
6 Interior Decoration Tips for Furnishing a New Home

When the complicated process of buying a home is over, we start to think about the pleasant home furnishing, which, compared to the piles of paperwork and the endless process of contract signing, sounds like joyful shopping. However, as it turns out, it can also be a stressful process - it means knowing all Pantones, materials, sizes, interior design trends, knowledge of furniture functionality, and technical nuances. After all, all this must be kept in matching or sometimes not so matching style and we must not forget about the main indicator - the budget. If you live alone and your wallet has no limits, then the process of furnishing an empty apartment will be much easier in comparison if you are the head of a larger or smaller family. However, there are some aspects that are similar to everyone, and with that in mind, it is possible to avoid any excess nerve-wracking moments, but instead to make this process something to remember with a smile and positive emotions.


Where to start if you have decided to do everything yourself?


1. Start with Basics


First of all, you have to decide on the direction of the style - here you can come to the help of the Pinterest platform, where you can find examples of countless interior ideas. 

2. Systemise 


The next step is to follow the design concepts you like and create a folder for each of the rooms, where you can combine the respective ideas. Systematization will give you the possibility to look at the ideas from all possible aspects, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture better. In this process, you will probably quickly understand what you want and what you don't.


3. The List of necessary furniture


Next, it is important to create a list of all the necessary furniture, adding comments for every piece - the desired size or colour, or a specific function, for example, a bed - 1.8 m wide and necessarily with the storage box. When Buying Furniture, Start with the Most Important Rooms.

You can also set priorities in the list - the items that are “must-have”. This is necessary, at least to avoid mistakes - it is better to buy a central thing, such as a sofa, and then match other items and furniture. The list will also help not to exceed the budget.


4. Calculate the budget 


Now, this is the time to calculate the costs by defining the amount you are willing to spend on one thing or another. Ideally, you can create a wish list and compare it with the real budget, trying to change cost positions, giving up a piece of furniture, or vice versa - discovering that you can increase the number of furniture you like.

With that, reliable online furniture stores can help you, where you can immediately see the real prices.


5. Interior designer


Almost everyone in the process of furnishing a home has thought - do I need an interior designer? The answer is clear - YES! However, it should be understood that designers are different and each of them works in a different style and manner. Therefore, it is very important to clearly define for yourself what style and budget your new interior design will have, as well as for how long will you be ready to go into this process. Of course, you can only be guided by the taste and understanding of the interior designer, coming home when everything is ready, but then you may experience a situation where you feel like a stranger in your new home because over time you understand that the interior may be very relevant and modern, but there is no part of You and Your essence.


You should also know that when working with an interior designer, his work is based on a project that takes time to develop, and if it is of high quality, it will also cost appropriate money. For most designers, the tariff is divided into project costs and the selection of furniture and design items. So, choosing furniture is only the second step. Therefore, when hiring a designer, do not expect him to immediately run to look for the sofa of your dreams. The project will take at least 2-3 months (depending on the area of the property and other specifics). If you're out of time - then either you have to start the case yourself or look for a decorator - consultant, but in Latvia, there are very few of them.

6. Shop from home


So, if we decide to do it all by ourselves, it is useful to use the furniture offers of online stores. There are many benefits of surfing the online store's offers. Above all, it is a time-saver and very convenient, when sitting on your comfortable sofa, you have an excellent view of the interior and rooms of your home, you can choose the missing or renewable elements, measure, and re-measure the necessary details countless times. Also, when creating the above-mentioned list, it will be convenient to add a price to each furniture item, which will further allow you to forecast the total costs as accurately as possible.


To get the most out of these conveniences and minimize the risk, it's important to know Internet platforms that we can trust and that can provide the best shopping experience.

Whether you fill the new house with furniture and other interior items on your own or with the help of a specialist, success will follow if you go after your tastes and feelings, not trends and fashion.

Good luck!


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